What to Wear To a Dental Hygiene Interview

First impressions are usually made in the first 30 seconds of meeting someone. Before the first impression timeline is up, you haven’t even opened your mouth to tell your future employee how perfect you are for the job! That’s why what you wear and how you present yourself is critical in an interview setting. Here are a few wardrobe tips to help you land your dream job.

Tops: Lindsey Shores, professional stylist, recommends "wearing a classy blouse- something that's suiting to you, but doesn't have too bold patterns or colors as to distract from what you're saying." Have your resume, your confidence, and your experience do the talking instead of your shirt.

Bottoms: There are lots of options you can wear when it comes to bottoms of your outfit. Slacks and shirts are usually best for interviews. If you decide to wear a skirt, stick to a pencil skirt. "Skirts with too much flare can easily make you look young and you want to stay with looking professional while confident," recommends Lindsey.

Accessories: Keep accessories to a minimal during an interview. Too much jewelry can come across as cheesy, so one or two simple pieces worn as an accent to your outfit is key.

Hair and Makeup:  We loved Lindsey’s advice with hair: “For hair and makeup, keep things more natural looking and don't put your hair up in any sort of braid or updo. Keep your hair down with a bit of wave or no wave at all, OR pull it up in a professional bun (but stay clear from a top knot, it's too trendy for an interview).” Make up should be professional and simple as well. Stay away from make up trends, even though you love to wear them on a regular basis. Keep your lip color more neutral and whiten your smile to make you stand out as a candidate.

Colors: There are several colors to stick to, and lots to stay away from. First, try to wear a neutral color that isn’t too bold. Stick with black, navy, grey, white, and brown. A pop of red in an outfit can be smart, but having the majority of your outfit red may come across as too bold and too distracting. Definitely stay away from orange and yellow.

A final note: Make sure your outfit is pressed, steamed, or ironed. Even the smallest wrinkles can make a big impression in a negative way to a potential employer.

With these simple dressing tricks, you’ll definitely ace your next interview. Good luck!

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